Valve Services

Repacking all control valves and manual valves

Field Services
On-site team for annual or emergency outages

Provide reconditioned units with warranty with faster delivery time and smaller investment

Loop Check
Checking calibration of the positioner and i/p, making sure the overall function of the valve is working properly and making sure the control room has full control of the valve

Parts & Coatings
Supplying parts for in-house work performed on-site and offering specialty coating to gain longer life

Trouble Shooting
Finding problems and providing solutions

In line Repair
Time saving in line, on-site repair of valves

Calibration E&I – Instrument
On-site team ensures instruments are calibrated to your setpoint

Detailed test procedure for overall performance of the control valve, Provides baseline to track the valve performance at later test dates

Repair 24/7
Always available

Servicing All Your Industrial Needs. Always On Call.

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